Self employed Linux-Projects since 2003

Planning and Setup of server environments for small / medium enterprises:

  • Firewall (IPChains, IPTabels)

  • Mail-server (sendmail, postfix, Spamassassin, ClamAV)

  • Web-server (Apache)

  • CMS-System (Apache, PHP4, J2EE)

  • Fileserver (SMB, Appletalk, NFS)

  • Remote Administration (Webmin/Usermin)

  • Security analysis and audit (PCI/DSS, BSI, ISO27001)


  • Using the method “Structured Analysis” (SA) and “Structured Design” (SD) for Analysis and Design in the solution- and project-management. ITIL based project management.

  • Common methods in project management for planning

  • Controlling and supervising complex projects in EDP-surroundings

  • Design, setup and implement Change- Release and Patch management based on ITIL specifications. Analyze and design of PCI/DSS compliant environments including pre-audit sessions and audit assistance.

Controlling and supervising projects from the first contact to the installation and release:

  • Planning and implementation of presentations and trade shows

  • Acquiring and supervising of system partners for the integration and the deployment of standard products in complex projects

  • Planning the deployment of complex investments and consulting in EDP-surroundings

  • Planning and setup of High-Security environments based on PCI/DSS and ISO27001 specifications (audit preparation and guidance)

Methods we utilize

Security in a box (Tactical Tech and Frontline Defenders): printed and online. 13 languages. Aimed at beginning users. Includes how-to booklet, Hands-on guides, and glossary. Sections can be remixed: security in context: tools and tactics for the LGBT community in the Arabic region.

Me and My Shadow uses the shadow metaphor to help beginning users understand their “digital shadow” or “digital footprint” and minimize it. Includes “trace my shadow” interactive tool which lets you investigate the traces you have left through the use of your applications and devices. Gives tips for “taking control of your information” and “turning the tables.”

A Quick Guide to Alternatives is not a survey of tools so much as a “best of.” Recommends free and open source tools for different uses. Browser (Mozilla, Tor Browser Bundle), Search (Duck Duck Go), Email (Riseup), Videochat (Jitsi)

Cryptoparty Handbook Crowdsources. Low tech. Requires background in technology. Used in tandem with cryptoparties, where people show each other how to use Tor, OTR, PGP.