accuracy; precision; certainty

„Either we make changes or we suffer them“

– Dr. Siegfried Buchholz

The future of small and medium-sized companies must be planned and shaped just as it is implemented in large companies through strategic planning. The actual situation often shows itself from another side:

  • The broad management know-how, which large companies can use sporadically to deal with problem cases, is usually difficult or not affordable for small and medium-sized companies.

  • Important topics do not tolerate postponement, but staff resources are often insufficient for efficient project management.

  • Speed ​​and organization have priority, but there are always shortages in the process flow due to lack of time.

  • Kesinlik is at your side as a coach in preparation for important decisions and steps in as an architect, engineer, project manager or line manager. The implementation takes place in close cooperation with you and your team.

  • With many years of practical experience from numerous international projects in large companies, Kesinlik also offers support for small and medium-sized companies. The experience potential from project and process management, IT and strategy consulting, open source, quality management and management is available to you at any time. In addition to in-depth specialist knowledge, Kesinlik has strong social and leadership skills.

  • The focus of Kesinliks advice to industry, trade, crafts, services, communities and municipalities is the use of practical, innovative methods and concepts based on open source solutions.